Thursday, November 13, 2008

Want results? Get Juande.

Nope. No irony in that whatsoever.

Is it just me, or do Real Madrid seem more like a club founded on novelty and entertainment value than actual winning?

I could well be off-base here, but I feel like their recent run of form doesn't have the invincibility that it once did.

They score a lot, concede a lot, and they just got dumped from the Spanish Cup by a team from the third tier of Spanish football.

Now, they appear to be chasing further comedy.

How? By wanting to hire Juande Ramos.

Club president Ramon Calderon's been stirring up trouble in his tenure at Real, slagging off Beckham once he left for Los Angeles (saying he'll amount to nothing more than "an average cinema actor, working in Hollywood), as well as chasing just about every prized footballing possession of every club in Europe. He hounded Fergie about Ronaldo, he went after Kaka, and he tried to unsettle Fabregas. All in all, he's a bit of a dick.

Now, with his team in danger of becoming rather effective and modestly successful under German Bernd Schuster, a guy who brought him a league title and Supercopa trophy last season, Calderon's clearly looking for some more tabloid-grabbing spice with a courtship of Juande Ramos, perhaps the worst manager England has seen for some time. [Ed. Note: I really, really, really love hyperbole]

Of course, with this information coming from The Sun, you can hardly bet the house on it, but the defeat to Real Union in the Cup is clearly hurting behind closed doors, not to mention the inability to stop anyone scoring goals against them (they've let in 16 in 10 games thus far, making them West Brom-esque at the back).

I don't think for one second that Ramos could solve their issues. After all, they're missing Van Nistelrooy for the rest of the year with knee-knack, Raul is slowing down at age 31, and their defense is shambolic.

Still, for the headlines and hilarity, I'd love to see him try.

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