Thursday, November 13, 2008

David Shames - 3 Wheeler.

That's Pompey keeper David James (A.K.A the Vampire) rolling on his new wheels. All 3 of em. Find out why the England keeper was forced to ditch his Mercedes for a more 'modest' form of transport after the jump.

Q: What happens when you suck at training in Porstmouth?

A: They make you drive a 3 wheeled Robin Reliant!

Being the worst player of the day at Pompey doesn't guarantee a bollocking from the boss or a slap on the wrist. The punishment is FAR more severe. You are forced to drive a 3 wheeled Robin Reliant home. For all you Americans currently asking yourselves "What the f*ck is that?" I will enlighten you.

The vehicle was made famous in the 80's by TV character, wide boy market trader Delboy Trotter and his idiot brother Rodney in the highly popular TV series 'Only fools and horses'. The series ran for 10 years initially (Christmas specials followed) and gave British viewers cult insults to use on each other such as "plonker", "dipstick", "twonk" along with phrases such as "Lovely Jubly" and "Cushty".

Delboy and Rodney with their 'reliant' in France for a Christmas special

The 3 wheeled 'car' was purchased by Pompey players who clubbed together obtain the creative punishment. The vehicle has also been fitted with a speaker that plays farm animal noises as the under-performing player rides home with rosy red cheeks.

All this talk of 'Only fools' put me in the mood to share. Enjoy...



Andrew said...

This may explain Crouchie's recent play. How would he ever fit into a Reliant.

also, this: thankfully, WBA doesn't employ the same punishment. Would the irony scale be topped if Scott Carson ever drove a car named 'Reliant?'

Goat said...

Is this the Crew-Fire open thread?

Mosher said...

Leeds used to do the same thing. At Newcastle under Bobby you were made to wear a bib saying "I've had a shitter".