Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Backpasses: No time to talk

Well, my friends, we came back in force today. To prove it, here are a bunch more stories we didn't even touch today.

Everything below the jump because there's too many for me to figure out a proper grouping.

Jens Lehmann unhappy he can't get away with his footstomping antics anymore, may quit [Soccernet]
Vote for your favorite all-time Liverpool shirt. They all look alike to me [Some People are on the Pitch]
Irish FA investigating whether team threw games because players were betting against themselves [RTE]
Man City fine Jo for clubbing while sick [Daily Mail]
Guardian looks at Osasuna, bottom of La Liga [Guardian]
Lincol City fail a racial abuse claim against Kettering Tyres Town [BBC]
Respecting the referees is not working in England [Soccernet]
Is the EPL the NBA of England? [Times Online]
Barcelona and MLS Miami want you to donate money to prove the proposal's viability [Market Watch]
This is what Tevez is cheating on his wife for (NSFW) [The Spoiler]

And, finally:
One proposal to get a UK team in the 2012 Olympics: Have the Home Nations have a U-21 playoff [BBC]

See you tomorrow for, hopefully, some things a little more upbeat.

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