Monday, November 10, 2008

Colaship Review - Sick F**k Edition

Sick animal David Norris salutes his 'friend', drunk-driver Luke McCormick (bottom right).

This weekend an Ipswich Town player stooped to a new depth of disgusting, putrid behaviour. The repulsive David Norris celebrated his winner for the bin-men by saluting a drunk driver who killed 2 little boys.

The sick celebration involved Norris crossing his wrists to emulate being in handcuffs. A salute to his former team mate and friend Luke McCormick who is currently serving 7 years for killing 2 young boys as he drove home drunk from Norris' wedding back in June. McCormick's actions killed 10 year old Aaron Peak and his brother, 8 year old Ben Peak, while the boys' father was left with spine and lung injuries. Norris has appologized for any offence he may have caused and claims his celebration was not for McCormick but a 'private message' he is failing to reveal. However, it is clear to all what Norris meant by his gesture whether he regrets it or not.

The FA is investigating and the boys mother, Amanda Peak, is calling for Norris to be banned. It's bad enough that she has to deal with the loss of her two children without idiots like Norris belittling her suffering in front of thousands of people.

Now to football.

This weekend saw no major surprises in the Coca Cola Championship. Wolves won and Donny lost. Business as usual. Let's start with Swansea. The Swans beat struggling Watford 3-1 at home to leave the Hornets in the bottom 3. It's been a busy week for Watford, they fired manager Aidy Boothroyd last week and Elton John distanced himself from the current board by standing down as life long President. Malky Mackay has taken over as caretaker manager and he certainly has his hands full, although the table shows that one win could see them out of the relegation zone at the expense of one of 4 teams, including Norwich!

As for the Canaries. Any hope I had at the start of the season has finally left the building.

Another sub-par performance on Saturday allowed Preston North End to leave Carrow Road with a point. North End scored early as former Canary Chris Brown gave the away team the lead. Brown couldn't find the net for City but appears to be having no problem for Preston. Typical. Leroy Lita headed in from a corner and a close range effort from John Kennedy with 30 minutes to go put Norwich back in front. Then came the moment of madness. Darrel Russell was sent off 10 mins from time for shoving his fingers into the face of Ross Wallace and former Liverpool man Neil Mellor pounced on a lose ball one minute later to cap another disappointing afternoon for City fans.

The game was also watched by former wing-king (and season ticket holder) Darren Huckerby, back from his successful season in the M.L.S. I am sure he would have been left wondering how this season could have been going had he not been let go during the summer. While Norwich have a great line-up on paper they are struggling to find any consistency on the pitch, and I fear that the lack of a good run soon could leave my yellows involved in another relegation battle. Russell's red card is likely to yield a 3 game ban. Lovely.

Huckerby watches on at Carrow Road.

Elsewhere around the League, Wolves won 2-0 at Molineaux to extend the gap at the top to 6 points. Second place Bongo FC faltered at Forest drawing 1-1. Reading closed the gap behind Bongo with a comfortable 3-0 win over Derby.

In the play-off chasing pack Q.P.R beat 9 man Cardiff 1-0 at Loftus Road. Gavin Mahon decided that one with 10 mins to go. Michael Chopra made his debut for Cardiff after sealing a loan move back to his former club from Sunderland last week. I am sure Cardiff will try and make that a permanent move as the season wears on. Cardiff had Darren Purse (28 mins) and Miguel Comminges (87 mins) sent off. Bristol City beat Southampton 1-0 at Saint Mary's. The defeat leaves Southampton 21st.

He's baaaaaack! Chopra has his shirt re-sized for him on his Cardiff debut.

Sad news from Barnsley. Striker Ian Hulme is in a serious condition after fracturing his skull in a clash with Sheffield United captain Chris Morgan on Saturday. Hulme's condition deteriorated on Sunday and he underwent surgery. Fingers crossed for a full recovery! Barnsley lost the ill-tempered game 2-1. Chelsea killer Kayode Odejayi scored late on for Barnsley but a James Beattie double was enough to claim the 3 points for the Blades.

This weekend's results in full.
Swansea 3 Watford 1
Barnsley 1 Sheffield United 2
Blackpool 0 Scum 1
Coventry 0 Palace 2
Norwich 2 Preston 2
Forest 1 Bongo 1
Plymouth 2 Charlton 2
QPR 1 Cardiff 0
Reading 3 Derby 0
Wednesday 1 Donny Rovers 0
Saints 0 Bristol 1
Wolves 2 Bloody Burnley 0

Click HERE for the full Colaship table.



phil said...

Add Tim Cahill to the list of sick fucks who are "in soldarity" with McCormack.

jjf3 said...

I got to see the elbow that fractured Hulme's skull for the first time this afternoon, and it was utterly sickening to watch, even if I hadn't known the outcome. If Hulme hadn't turned his head, his nose would have been relocated to his brain. The FA needs to step in and further punish Morgan...

And Cahill and Norris need to be fucked with broken bottles - drunk drivers don't deserve sympathy from anyone, relatives included...

Bigus Dickus said...

jjf3.. just saw the Morgan incident too. Have a completely different take. He was following the ball. If Hulme was taller it would have been his shoulder or just a foul. Sure he was aggressive and he flung the thing hard, but he did not deliberately elbow Hulme in the head. How many players use their arms when they jump for a header? He was tracking the ball the whole time. However, he should not have swung his elbow. He is not genuinely a dirty player.

jjf3 said...

bigus -

here's the thing to me (at least from the footage I saw) - Morgan was flat-footed but aware that the opposing player was moving into proximity. I agree that it was not deliberately dangerous/dirty in intent, but it was a violent throw of the elbow (even if meant to be "aimed" at a shoulder) that was ultimately meant to level an opponent. I do not believe he is a dirty player by nature, but that elbow swing would have levelled anyone standing next to him, much less someone closing in on him, and that's presuming shoulder-height contact. To me, that's the part that's not forgivable...if Hulme had just been standing next to him, and been hit at shoulder level, he likely goes down unless he's braced for the hit. And this is not two players launching themselves into the air, where your body can theoretically "absorb" the contact - Morgan was flat-footed, and Hulme nearly was. I guess its that combination of events that bothers me so much - I've seen guys clearly lead with elbows into violent contact when both are in the air, and not been as nearly upset about it. It just seemed like a "clothes-line" move that went horribly wrong, but that doesn't change the intent to my eyes. Your mileage may vary...