Friday, November 14, 2008

A Brief Adieu

This might very well be the first and last baseball-esque post ever put up on UF, but we were huge fans of Fire Joe Morgan. Yes, we use the past tense, as the fine folks over at FJM are closing up shop.

From the site:

We started this site with two purposes: to make each other laugh, and to aid and abet the Presidential campaign of Bob Barr. Although we failed in the latter goal, we gleefully succeeded in the first, and thanks to a grassroots internetty word-of-mouth kind of a deal, we appear to have positively affected the lives of actual citizens as well, which astonishes and delights us to this day. We really never thought FJM would be for anyone but us. We are thrilled and kind of humbled to have been proven wrong.

Ha, ha, Suckers. You were wrong... Oh, wait. Shit.

FJM was maybe the best meta-blog about a former Hall of Famer's inability to speak coherently or sensically ever. They were funny and, more importantly given their namesake, they were consistently funny. Oh, well, people have lives, or at least try to delude themselves into thinking they do. And they want to get on with them instead of blogging about, say, Bill Conlin. As a selfish prick, I really can't get behind this decision but I am powerless to do anything about it. Yes, the world is set up in a cruel fashion that way.

Anyway, thanks to Ken Tremedous, dak, and Junior. You will be missed on the Interwebs.


The NY Kid said...

This is why I refuse to have a life or real job.

Goat said...

At last my blog, "Fire 'Fire Joe Morgan'" has achieved its goal. I hope now this means we'll see more of Cousin Mose on The Office.