Monday, November 10, 2008

Just Cos It Sucks, Don't Make It News

“Amyleigh loved going out night after night. She knew loads of footballers and went on dates with them. Her whole life lay ahead of her.”

A stirring epitaph.

Some unfortunate and unsettling news out of Manchester this weekend. The 19 year old ex-girlfriend of Blackburn striker Benni McCarthy was killed-- stabbed to death during a home invasion.

In other news, a less attractive young woman plowed her Camry into a tree while texting her boyfriend about the chihuahua movie.

Now please scroll down and read the lovely piece about this season's most prolific English goalscorer.

Or click below for more details.

The Times of South Africa reported this, which pretty much sums up what we know to this point.

Police have taken in a 21-year-old man for questioning and have described the murder as a “domestic-related incident”.

The blonde socialite is reported to have been a regular on the party scene in Manchester and dated a host of soccer players, including South African McCarthy, who plays for Blackburn Rovers.

In a brief e-mail to The Times, McCarthy said: “Amy Leigh was a friend of mine and I am obviously devastated to hear of this tragedy. My condolences go out to her family and friends at this sad and difficult time.”

The Greater Manchester Police Department told The Times that officers were called to Barnes’s home in Moss Street at 11.40am on Saturday.

“Officers and ambulance crews attended to Amy and she was taken to hospital for treatment. She later died in hospital,” it said.

Police spokesman Stefan Jarmolowicz confirmed an unnamed 21-year-old man had been taken in for questioning, but could not confirm whether the man would be charged.

We'll keep you up on the details.*

*if necessary


phil said...

Who appointed today to be Captain Bringdown day here at UF?

We need a "Maradona is a disgusting fatbody" post.

The Fan's Attic said...

I thought the Bolivian soccer riot was uproariously funny.

Andrew said...

@TFA: The stabbing story elicited a slight giggle from me. The Darren Bent post was a lot funnier, though.