Saturday, November 15, 2008

Friday Backpasses: Well, it's still Friday somewhere

Fight breaks out in a Chinese Super League match. Reads like a melee [Shanghai Daily]
Spurs fan gets 10-year ban. Worse, he receives the ban at Highbury Corners magistrates [East London Advertiser]
Footballer in Ghana foils a kidnapping attempt [Peace FM Online]

Stuart Pearce thinks Arsenal kids should be loaned out, because they are obviously not progressing under the current set up [The Sun]
MLS loans are the new hotness. DC United's Fred to New Zealand's Wellington Phoenix for six games []
Want to see what a true journeyman's career looks like? [The Best Eleven]

And, finally:
SAF backs Tony Pulis in his war of words with Wenger. Huh. Couldn't have seen that coming [BBC]

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