Friday, September 5, 2008

Cola anyone?

Here at U.F we hate to disappoint and want to give you readers the kind of material you crave. Drunken live blogs, interviews from behind the scenes and wags..lots of wags..But Bigus never thought that he would have a request to roll out a regular round up of the Coca Cola Championship! Does anyone care what happens in that league around these parts except me? Do they? Well Joe does..So Joe..This ones for you!

Disclosure: This Championship round up is brought to you by Norwich City Kool Aid.

Well 4 games have been played in the competitive Championship and the early runners and riders have set out their stall. Many teams have been adding to their squads over the last week or so as the transfer window slammed shut on Monday night and we will look at that a little later.

Wolves, Preston and Birmingham are off to a flyer. In the case of Birmingham it was expected. They have a squad of Premiership players and no less than 6 strikers that fill their Championship opponents with fear at their very mention. Kevin Phillips (top) has already bagged 3 goals and looks like he is in for a 25 goal haul once again. The fact that my beloved Norwich outplayed Birmingham last Saturday is extremely encouraging. We really should have taken our first 3 points of the season. The football was the best seen at Carrow Road in many years. The new defence has been excellent, Kennedy and Stefanovic (left) look comfortable together and the team of mostly new players appears to have gelled. Norwich also added the missing piece of the puzzle on Monday as Antoine Sibierski arrived from Wigan. We have been in desperate need of a target man to hold the ball and involve our midfield around the box. We haven't had a decent holding forward since Iwan Roberts. Although the football is nice, there are only so many times you can play a speedy forward in behind you opponent before they wise up to your one dimensional attack. Sibierski has the quality and credentials to be a big hit at this level and hopefully we can now start to create a few more clear cut chances and take them. City have looked an much improved side in all 4 of their opening games this season despite 1 defeat and 3 draws. Once we start taking the chances and the forwards gain confidence someone is in for a hiding!

Wolves have started brightly and have benefited from their own target man in the form of Iwelumo. The former Charlton striker has 3 goals already and has helped provide 3 for his team mate Michael Kightly. Wolves are the pre-Theo Epstein Red Sox..Always the bridesmaid. Every year their team looks a bit tasty but they finish outside of the playoffs or fail during them. I reckon this year will be no different and they will drop off the current form sooner rather than later.

Last years surprise package Bristol City have also started well, much to my surprise. Two wins and two draws has them sitting 4th. The impressive 3 nil victory at Coventry has put them on the radar and they should not be taken for granted.

At the other end Palace have had a stinker of a start to the season. Losing to Reading and failing to beat Burnley at home has left the Eagles on just two points.

As for the rest of the league? It's just too early to judge. Teams are settling in new players and finding their feet.

The transfer window shut on Monday, lets take a quick look at the late incoming Championship players who will make their debuts on Saturday week.
Bristol City picked up where they left off last season (right).

Notable Ins: The unattached Man City failure Emile Mpenza signed with Plymouth. They also took Paul Gallacher on loan from Blackburn. Alan Lee movd from Ip..Ip..them to Palace. That lot 'up the road' replaced Lee with John Stead on loan from Sheffield United. Alan Gow moved to Blackpool from Rangers. Burnley signed Steven Thompson from Cardiff. Steven Eliot went from Wolves to Preston and Jason Shackell moved from Norwich to Wolves.

As for my lot Norwich? They signed promising Middlesbrough full back Jonathon Grounds (why we need a third left back is beyond me!) and Antoine Sibierski (Get in Roeder)!

The current Championship table looks like this.

I will start a weekly round up of results the week commencing 15th after the next round of Colaship games.
Hows that Joe?



Goat said...

Something makes me think you've been writing these weekly wrap-ups since the beginning of the season and have just been waiting for someone to ask you to post them. At any rate, thanks for doing so.

Andrew said...

Yes, chin chin, Bigus.

However, dangerous precedent you're setting allowing the Readership (suck it Barclays) to determine posts, etc. What is this, a democracy?

Anyways, good on you for the round-up. Look forward to them.

The NY Kid said...

If this keeps up, us Ebbsfleet owners are going to start posting Conference Premier roundups.

And I enjoy the fact that in my time of busy "real" work, my most significant contributions to UF are cleaning up Bigus' posts so that they don't take up the entire front page.

Bigus Dickus said...

"my most significant contributions to UF are cleaning up Bigus' posts so that they don't take up the entire front page."

Suck it kid!

Kopper said...

Good stuff. Colaship is more interesting than EPL anyways. Looking at Derby's start, who are at the bottom of the table, is the equivalent of Man U or Chelsea beginning at the season winless. Most pundits had Derby neck and neck with Brum as top side going into the season. I hate Derby, screw'em.

Bigus Dickus said...

Derby are toot and will struggle. But I am sure they will improve and finish around 8th or so.

ΓΌ75 said...

Why is there never any clamoring for my SPL/SFL updates? It couldn't be that you all don't care, can it?

The NY Kid said...

@u75 - it's because you never update us on the caber toss.

jjf3 said...

Now this is a blog I can love...there are Thai brothels that don't offer this level of personal service. And I even get my very own personal tag (assuming I'm the only Joe around here), to boot!

I might let this go to my head, but being a Rovers fan should take care of that soon enough...

Oh, and u75, I do read the SPL stuff as well, but you were already providing it anyways - feel free if you want to make it weekly...

Thanks Bigus...