Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thursday Backpasses: Bigus thinks it's shite

Delia Smith, Norwich's celebrity chef-owner considering selling her club [Telegraph]
Everton tell us the obvious; they are not rich enough to compete in EPL [BBC]
Aberdeen striker likes to drive 50 over the speed limit at all times [BBC]
Referee recently suspended in Czech Republic for poor performance to helm Scotland-Macedonia World Cup qualifying match [Times Online]

And, finally:
Some insight on Mike Ashely's next choice for manager [Federation Soccer]


Andrew said...

EPL is like MLB; the richest clubs will always win. Sure, the less-affluent clubs may compete every few years when they've reached that balance of cheap young talent and veteran know-how. As for consistency, only the clubs with the ducats will be there in the end. Giggs made this point by stating there's now a 'Big Five' with Citeh's Robinho coup.

When I look at Everton or Villa or even Spurs, I think of the Twins or A's. Talented, but left wanting financially.

Not that anything I just said is new.

Longest. (Pointless) Post. Ever.

Bigus Dickus said...

What Bigus thinks is shite is not that Delia is looking for investment or maybe to sell but the ridiculous press whipping themselves int a frenzy that we are going bust..We signed two players after the Turners left and the shortfall was clear...Delia finding the 2 mil is just typical Delia...Top woman..

Sarah said...

Not always true with MLB Andrew! The Cubs are pretty damn rich and they've won fuck all for 100 years.

jjf3 said...

agreed, but the Cubs management decided decades ago that making money trumped winning fuck all. as long as 35,000 people show up for every game ("just for the experience") no matter what they do, then why bother doing more? this is a trap i could see a team like manure or madrid falling into - an extended period where they don't win shit, but don't really care, because the money just rolls in anyways...

Sarah said...

I know, it sucks. At the same time it does say something about the fans; you didn't see a load of Cubs fans going off to support the White Sox after they won the WS a few years back.

Too bad loyalty doesn't win championships. :( But money doesn't always either.