Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wednesday Backpasses: Thank you Joe Public

Alan Curbishley screws my gentleman's pre-season bet that Koogs would be the first EPL manager to go [BBC]
Hey Dallas, no women's soccer team for you [USA Today]
Mafia may have been behind Napoli's rioting. I had no idea Jay Mohr was so disliked [Soccernet]

Cuba-USA will be an interesting game this weekend [Soccernet]
Not a good day to be Stewart Downing's former agent [BBC]

And, finally:
10,000:1 odds on Barack Obama getting the newly vacant West Ham post. Channel your inner Kevin Malone on this one [Comcast]


Chad said...

I was starting to wonder when the West Ham drama would get a mention here. I'm sad to see Curbishley go, but don't blame him a bit. He deserved better treatment from ownership and a say in player selection. Or, at the least, a thank you for helping save us from relegation.But what the hell, getting rid of valuable people (Curbishley, McCartney, Ferdinand) and ungracious press releases seem to be what West Ham is all about these days.

Andrew said...

@ NY Kid: You seen the 'New France' selection for the match against Austria? No Thuram, Sagna at rightback, Mandanda in net, Nasri on wing, Benzema et Henry en avance . . . thoughts?