Friday, September 5, 2008

Barton out! (For six games)

Joey Barton will miss six matches as punishment for his training ground attack on former teammate Ousmane Dabo. He will be available for return on October 25, against Sunderland. Barton will have to be on his best behavior (HA!) afterward, as he faces another six game ban for future indiscretions.

After the jump, video highlights of some of Barton's best moments


The NY Kid said...

He literally could have ended Nasri's career with that elbow/leg into the knee, and his smile afterwards is just sickening.

Barton makes OJ look classy.

Bigus Dickus said...

You would think a stint in jail would adjust his attitude. Th Nasri tackle just proves that he is the same old twat he always was..He should be banned for 9 months like Cantona was every time he screws up from here on out.

ü75 said...

Not to be a Barton apologist, but I thought the "sarcastic smile", as said by the Brit announcers, was to the reaction of Emirates fans, not to the tackle itself.

Still a douchebag.

Andrew said...

That 'tackle' on Etuhu was a 'dick' move. Heh.

It works two ways, you see?! You see?! I'm clever!!

Seriously, he's a cunt. Nasri got his back with that nice little nip.