Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tuesday Backpasses: Who can keep up?

Kevin Keegan may or may not still be manager of Newcastle at this hour. Doesn't bother me either way.

An answer to last night's rhetorical Backpass title question [Off the Post]
Speaking of Chelsea, their star players are not very patriotic [Sky Sports]
Becks has a sex-boosting necklace. A sexlace? [Female First]
One of our favorite (non) felons gets off on a technicality [The Independent]

Roonaldo losing his hair as fast as he's losing his place [Daily Mail]
Mourinho continues to hold grudge against Crespo [Eurosport]
Huh. LA Galaxy make a lot of money off of Becks. With bonus super-tough (for Californians) trivia question [LA Times]

And, finally:
Manchester City's new owners are going to spend their money dammit. Rumored to be placing $270 million bid on Ronaldo in January. Best CM/FM owner ever [Guardian]


Mike Georger said...

Kevin Keegan is a mounted policeman with a difference, and what a difference. Even Michael Owen is surprised, and hes used to real men. But who is going to do the cooking tonight, Kevin has a mouthful!

Keith said...

There's not enough mind bleach for that image and Georger's description of it.

Andrew said...

What the fuck is wrong with Newcastle as a whole? Not just this silly situation with King Kev, but with the club as a whole. Huge stadium, loyal supporters, strong history . . . yet with those credentials they manage to accomplish fuck-all. Whatever is going on at the club, changing the manager is akin to painting over termite damage: nothing is gonna get fixed in the long-run. There's something rotten in Newcastle, and it's not Titus Bramble (anymore).

Goat said...

At least now we know what Georger's day job is--writing copy for the front of gay porn DVDs. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Mike Georger said...

i cant take credit, its from shakespeare's epic play 'gay boys in bondage'