Friday, June 20, 2008

Italy Waves The White Flag Surrendering To England

The Italians are proud people, perhaps too proud at times, and it is not without great anguish that they surrender. As in WWII, though, the Boot has waved the white flag to England calling off the dogs, only this time it's in the name of soccer/football/calcio. One time super-club AC Milan has finally admitted it is inferior to the great English club Manchester......City?

Is that right? It can't be. It must be Manchester United, but it is not. AC Milan has admitted it can no longer compete for Ronaldinho's services with the Thai led juggernaut Manchester City. Said AC Milan's vice president, Adriano Galliani:

'I cannot ignore that Italian football is now in fourth position in Europe behind England, Spain and Germany,' he said in Gazzetta dello Sport.
This can only mean the end is nigh. Italy accepting it's inferiority. Of course, if some Russian oil tycoons or deposed billionaire country leaders purchases a team or two in Italy this could surely change. Wait, doesn't the leader of Italy also own AC Milan? And, aren't Italian politics well known for corruption? Well, giddyup Berlusconi you have an entire tax base to work with.


Lingering Bursitis said...

serie A = OLD NEWS

Andrew said...

He's given to hyperbole - yeah yeah, I know he's Italian and he's got that irrational Latin emotion, etc. - but no way Serie A is behind the Bundesliga.