Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Euro 2008 Open Thread: France v. Italy

This is an open thread for conversation/comments during the France - Italy match, since no one is available to liveblog it. Feel free to discuss how much of a douche Marco Materazzi is, or delve into why the bulldog Gennaro Gattuso is an overhyped douchebag. Any anti-French comments will immediately be removed. How can you be mad at my people when we produced this:

Damn you, Johnny Depp!

The starting XI for Les Bleus of Raymond "Astrology Excites Me" Domenech:

GK - Coupet
DEF - Abidal; Gallas; Clerc; Evra
MID - Makelele; Toulalan; Ribery; Govou
ST - Titi (C); Benzema

The starting XI for Roberto Donadoni:

GK - Buffon (C)
DEF - Zambrotta; Panucci; Chiellini; Grosso
MID - Pirlo; De Rossi; Gattuso; Perrotta
ST - Toni; Madman Cassano

This match is being played at Letzigrund, in Zurich.

Centre official: Ľuboš Michĕl (SVK)
Assistant referees: Roman Slyško (SVK); Martin Balko (SVK)
4th official: Viktor Kassai (HUN)

Questions to ponder:
(1) Why does Domenech hate Samir Nasri?
(2) Why isn't Fabio Grosso fatter?
(3) Why is the official UEFA observer for this match from England?
(4) If the French are eliminated, yet Domenech is not fired, how long until I have a heart attack?

Amuse yourselves below. I may pop in from time to time if the game is going well. If you don't hear from me, I may be playing in traffic.

UPDATE: Precious Roy has taken it upon himself to liveblog the first half of this match. Please join him upstairs. I will leave this thread up with that amazing picture for...other purposes.


JT said...

When it's all said and done, I smell a 1-1 and plenty of agonizing misses

The NY Kid said...

If we tie 1-1 and Romania loses, it's off to PKs! And then Domenech will rue leaving off Trezegol!

...remembers PK from World Cup 2006 Final...

/never mind

JT said...

UEFA already said no PKs. Silly goose. I suggest warm up along the side of I-80, then perhaps for the coup de grace, a trip down 8 mile road

The NY Kid said...

well, color me embarassed.

JT said...


Precious Roy said...

Uh, I'm going to liveblog at least the first half. There is a post above.... Should we shut this one down?

The NY Kid said...

France lost 4-1 to the Dutch.
Italy lost 3-0 to the Dutch.
France tied Romania 0-0.
Italy tied Romania 1-1.

Doesn't that mean that they have the same goal differential, the same number of goals against, and the same number of goals scored?

My head hurts.

Goat said...

She should really shave her bikini area. This ain't the '70s.