Friday, June 20, 2008

Come, Come.. One and all!

Today's Quarter final action will be brought to you by Victory beer. Known to many as Blog fuel.

That's right punters... The amazing Unprofessional Foul LIVE blogging roadshow is taking the Euro 2008 blogging experience out into the world. Woooo.

This afternoon Lingering Bursitis and I (Bigus) will be sharing our paralogistic opnions and insatiable thirst with the common folk. I can promise that there will loads of snippets from Croatians and Turks. AND pictures a plenty! It's my first Live blog of the tourney and I will do my very best to bring you all the action in a timely and cogent fashion. Who am I kidding..I'll be plastered by 3!

If anyone can make it, we will be holding court at George Keeley's (83rd and Amsterdam).

Come on down and say hello! (Or you suck, screw you... Or any other unpleasant (and hopefully offensive and vulgar) greetings you can bestow upon us.

See you there! Here...So confusing.



Mike Georger said...

i need a good liveblog today guys. im having a shitty day. i didnt get my paycheck because apparently i cant operate a fax machine, and my landlord is trying to charge me extra rent for some reason. not a good day on the old georger financial front, so i need some cheering up.

if someone could manage to get super drunk and get arrested while the other provides a blow by blow account, that would be ideal.

Bigus Dickus said...

Sure thing. Tyler can get nicked by the po po while I feverishly report his resistance.

Tell your land lord to fuck off. He will get his money at a point in the future at your choosing or you will become a squatter and sit in for 6 months giving him absolutely nada!

Also threaten to have a big party.

Mike Georger said...

youre fucking nicked me old beauty!

my landlord in this instance happens to be penn state, and theyre trying to get my rent from may when i moved out (which of course, im not paying until july) but are saying i moved out a week later than i did. i think they counted on me being korean and not caring, instead they got an irritable law student with a fuckton of free time on his hands.

in an unrelated note, the bcc has a much better picture of ronaldo crying today
i think we are in for one of the most, if not the most, fucked up transfer dramas of all time

Andrew said...

I was NYC a few times, and always went to McSorley's. Is that a cliche?

I'll be watching at fine establishment of Robbie O'Connell's in Daytona Beach. By myself. Because I know there are no UFers down here.

Bigus Dickus said...

I am adopting 'fuckton'.

If United allow that whinging shit bag to move they need to be shot. All of em. Make an example of him. All clubs are watching this situation. It could turn into a dangerous example. Players doing as they will.

By the way the greatest use of 'nicked' was by John Thaw in 'the Sweeney'. He would pin down some low life before uttering "yer nicked you slag'!

Mike Georger said...

i think i would rather see them man up and bench him all season then sell him.

either way noone will be able to take him seriously if he demands a move, not that anyone outside of manchester or foxsoccer do at this point

Andrew said...

@ georger: where law school? penn state?

I graduated last year from Stetson. Hated being an attorney. So I quit.

/waiting to rebel until my mid-twenties

and yeah, Utd shouldn't let Ronaldo go. An example must be set.

And I love how no one cares about Lampard to Inter. That fuck.

Mike Georger said...

yep, the penn state dickinson school of law brought to you by citibank and at&t.

i only want to do public interest work, nothing else in the legal area. the idea of working from six in the morning til eight at night on a good day is retarded to me, id rather not hate my life.

Andrew said...

Stetson was sponsored by the Florida Republican Party and the Hitler Youth.

This Turkey-Croatia game couldn't start soon enough.

Mike Georger said...

isnt stetson a hat and or cologne company?

jjf3 said...

I'll be at the Bull & Bear in H-town, if there's anyone else here from Houston. I'll be the dork drinking Harp and rooting for neither, not that one, the other one...

Andrew said...

Any ideas on this Turk-Croat game?

Also, the history between these two nations is ridiculous (non-football, I mean). Wikipedia says so.

Mike Georger said...

apparently theres a turkish population of 60k in vienna ... im predicting a riot of pistons proportions if they win

ΓΌ75 said...