Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Your Ronaldo transvestite update

Two things we won't see together much anymore

Ronaldo's still suffering a bit from low self-esteem after his recent tranny hooker bust, but now the embarrassment is extending to his pocketbook and causing far more damage.

It appears that mobile phone companies don't like when you philander with ladyboys of the night, and Ronaldo's sponsor TIM has dropped the ailing striker from quite a lucrative deal -- $4.8 million a year!

If that doesn't stop you from blindly picking up girls with mustaches at dark, damp nightclubs, I don't know what will!

There's also a fair bit of blog speculation [Buzz Bissinger's favorite thing] that he might have endangered his lifetime contract with Nike, a good bit of business that is worth some $100 million over the course of his playing career. I for one would hate to see this happen. I was raised on a steady diet of Ronaldo wonder goals, and to think that one night of curiosity and homo-erotic madness could bring it all to an end.

After all, hasn't he been through enough? His leg is barely hanging together, his rehab is going slowly, and now he's losing money fast. It's almost enough to drive a man to drink...... or the warm touch of yet more prostitutes.

After the jump, some of those Ronaldo commercials with Nike.

Let's hope they're not the last.

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