Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Thanks for the memories.

So today is the day every Norwich City fan has been dreading. Glenn Roeder has flexed his managerial cock and used it to push legend Darren Huckerby out of the Carrow Road door. I said yesterday that I could see it happening. Roeder feels the need to make the club his. And boy did he just do that.

At 32, Hux was coming to the end of his career but not a single City fan will tell you that he is not good enough for the Championship. Just 3 days ago he shared a one two with Dion Dublin and fired a high shot past the flailing keeper. His last goal in the yellow and green.

Huckerby has always been a very strong character. A passionate one. This was part of his appeal to Norwich fans. He said what he felt and most of the time sounded like a fan. He heaped pressure on Peter Grant when he declared that "this is the worst Norwich side he had played in" and criticized the board when Dickson Etuhu, Yousef Safri and Robert Earnshaw exercised their get out clauses to leave the club.

Huckerby first hit the limelight at Carrow Road in 2003. He was a surprise loan from Man City. The very same day we also signed Peter Crouch and Kevin Harper. The three of them set us on our way to the title that year. Huckerby was a revelation, he tormented defences and the supporters quickly fell in love with his long runs and curling shots.

Huckerby's loan ended after 3 months. His big-mouth agent declared that he was too big for Norwich and would not be coming permanently. Hux silenced the fool and stated he had enjoyed his time with us and developed a special rapport with the fans.

Signing him was still a long shot, and the fans quickly realized that the idea of Huckerby arriving to wear a Norwich shirt on a long term basis was more of a dream than a reality. Delia Smith unveiled him on Boxing Day 2003. Happy Christmas. That year we won the title with 94 points. Huckerby continued to be outstanding. He was a perfect fit.

Today is not just a sad day because Hux is leaving but because the City never had a chance to say goodbye. A lot of the message boards are filled with anger towards manager Glenn Roeder. After Saturday's game he told reporters that he'd decided weeks ago who would be staying and who would be going. If this was true and he had already let Darren go, then he denied him his send-off in our last home game against QPR (A game that Huckerby excelled in) and again last Saturday in front of 5,000 travelling fans at Hillsborough.

NCFC Messageboard entry today titled: Roeder, Read This!.......

"You have just proven what a gutless, spineless person you are. Without getting into the wrongs and rights of whether Huckerby should be given a contract you have denied one of the greatest players this club has ever seen being given a proper send off by the fans.

You will never be held in such high esteem at this club as Huckerby, in fact you will never be respected by a significant number of fans as long as you remain at the club.
Thank you you for showing the fans and Darren Huckerby such contempt."

There could be trouble ahead!

Huckerby's goal at Wednesday was typical Hux. Fitting that he went out with a run, a returned pass and a thumping shot passed the goalie. I will miss his talent and fondly remember all of the goals he scored for City.
It's goodbye to Huckerby in Norwich but it may be hello to Huckerby here in the U.S. Toronto and LA made moves to sign him in January.

A move abroad is now likely for Hux, he has said on numerous occasions that he did not want to play for another team in England and would never run out against Norwich City.

Huckerby is a true legend. His amazing skill and loyalty will have him marked down alongside Kevin Keelan, Iwan Roberts, Ron Ashman and Martin Peters as one of City's all time greats.

Darren Huckerby made 203 appearances for Norwich City scoring 48 goals, not bad for a winger eh? Many were absolute gems. I will sign off with this one.



The Fan's Attic said...

I know not this Huckerfella. But, it sure sounds like the fans and him got the shaft from Roeder.

The NY Kid said...

Well, he really couldn't concentrate on the footy with that presidential campaign.

Wait, what?

Mike Georger said...

man i thought american sports were bad with re-tread managers, but this guy still has a job?

strong like bull smart like tractor said...

I didn't realize he had become such an icon at Norwich. My memories of the Huck all go back to his time with Derby in the late '90s. MLS here he comes!

being sven said...

I call bullshit -- Glenn Roeder does not have a cock.

Bigus Dickus said...

Strong like bull: Huckers never played for Derby. Lincoln, Newcastle, Coventry, Leed's, Man City and Norwich. A loan at Forest for 9 games.