Monday, May 5, 2008

Arsenal's Got Your Hardware Right Here

As some Spurs fans are keen to point out, Spurs won a "trophy" this year. If Spurs are going to count the Worthlessingcarleague Cup, than Arsenal are surely entitled to count Lady Gunners' trophies. (Oh, and also the Arsenal Cup!)

That's right, the Arsenal Ladies -- who have already won the league title -- won the Woman's FA Cup 4-1 today to secure the domestic double for the third year in a row. This makes for 29 trophies in 16 years. Surely the kind of dominant performance that Wenger and the Male Gunners should emulate. (If I were Daulerio, I would have a pithy joke about balls to throw in here.)

And Flamini is sure that he really wants to leave Arsenal for Meelan?

Photo: Times of London


Mike Georger said...

i won a set of pints in bar trivia back in january, so by my math liverpool have won six cups this year. wheres my knighthood?

Spectator said...

I think most of UF would be fine with a world where Liverpool and Arsenal are tied for most trophies this year, even if that world is entirely in our own Matrix-style imagination.

Precious Roy said...

I think by the "Arsenal Cup" you mean the Emirates Cup. Same thing, but even for preseason it's no gimme. Arsenal beat PSG then Inter (and didn't play I think Valencia... not going to look it up).

I think next year it's Juventus, Hamburg and Real Madrid. Still meaningless but not shabby for a money grab.

Mike Georger said...

man liverpool couldnt even manage the port of rotterdam or whatever cup. stupid david james.