Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tuesday Backpasses: Caution, nude pics ahead

No, not here. You'll have to follow a link. I'll go ahead and let you know, they are really not worth the trouble. Miss May would have done better to leave the unknown as unknown.

Really? This is the biggest story to come out of Olympic qualifying? Gratuitously NSFW [Silentpix (NSFW)] Really, it's NSFW. Don't blame me for anything that happens to you.
C. Ronaldo's "girlfriend" wears a bikini for you [Kickette]
Steve Bruce sells his soul for United [The Spoiler]

Less chicks, more sport after the jump.

Why two English team playing in Moscow is a bad idea environmentally[Daily Mail]
Spurs to build 50,000 seater. The way they are going, it will be the nicest ground in the Championship [Daily Mail]
Top 10 EPL signings this season. I wonder whoever could be #1? [The Sun]
Chelsea are rumored to have offered over $150 million for Messi. If they want an oft-injured striker, why don't they go after van Persie? [Bloomberg]
Capello sets his sights only so high [BBC]
Finally, Landon Donovan speaks [NYT Goal Blog]

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JT said...

If Titus Bramble ends up playing in defense, then we'll really know the fix is in.