Thursday, July 2, 2009

Turkey will take ANYONE.

The home of washouts Milan Baros and Antipodean sick note carrier Harry Kewell has bagged another EPL reject... in Citeh striker Darius Vassell!

You read that correctly: DARIUS VASSELL. He found a club to pay him to play soccer!

Wassermann Media Group, take note! Maybe Michael Owen won't be such a hard sell after all.

And, by the looks of the video after the jump, you'd think they'd signed Kaka, a young Platini and Alfredo DiStefano, back from the dead.

Pretty awesome, right? I mean, I'll be honest... if I ever received this kind of warm welcome, I'd be pretty damn happy.

The mania was orchestrated by Ankaragucu chairman Cengiz Topel Yildrim, who wanted to sway his decision (the two sides are still in talks... nothing has been signed yet) from the get-go, and I reckon it'll do the trick: "We aim to secure a big signing as this year is our centenary. He will visit the city and our installations. Then he will make a decision. I hope we can include him in our squad."

Can he at least score with the Vassell ladies? Maybe once every 5 games...

Fingers crossed for you, Cengiz! He orchestrated a convoy of 50 buses and 250 cars(!) to follow his car from the airport to his hotel, and the whole thing looks surreal and kinda brilliant.

Here's hoping Ankaragucu gets the good news it's looking for. Darius Vassell, scorer of 52 goals in 265 games for Aston Villa and Citeh, is on his way to the Turkcell Super Lig.

Stay tuned!


gramesy said...

Um, Alfredo di Stefano is still alive. He'll be 83 on Saturday. But I liked the joke anyway. It won't take long for the fans to run Vassell out of town with similar vigor, once he settles into his usual rut.

Bigus Dickus said...

Wow, just wow. He will bag a stack of goals there and be a hero. If Colin-Richards can join Fenerbache, surely Vassel could have found a decent team in Turkiye? Still, good for him, beautiful country filled with fantastic, passionate people.

Johnny said...

I'm glad to see Sven has found another managing job.