Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Saints Running Out Of Time.

Mismanagement, misadventure. Plain stupidity. Driving a storied football club into the ground can come about in many ways. In the case of Southampton, the troubled situation they currently find themselves in, could come to a shocking conclusion as soon as this Friday. Adminsitrator Mark Fry has confirmed that if a buyer is not found by the end of the week, the possibility of Southampton Football Club joining it's 114 years on this earth in history is a real one.

Just last week Matt Le Tissier was on TV declaring that the consortium he was fronting, the Pinacle group, was determined to take over the club. Lunch meetings with Kevein Keegan were reported on and Saints fans must have felt as if their summer was finally starting to improve. Not so. Southampton's famous hero and his mates were hinging their takeover on the Football League's 10 point deduction behind quashed. Never gonna happen.

Saints fans were also baffled by the consortiums so called 'investor'.

"Michael Fialka is a part of the group. A lot of time, effort and money has been committed and it would be silly for us not to see it through."
- Matt Le Tissier speaking last week.

The Michael Fialka refered to is a 32 year old leasing agent from Barnet, who recently moved out of his mum and dads house. Hardly sounds like the kind of guy with the means to buy a football club does it? Anyway, the consortium have backed out. So what's next for Southampton?

Well, the club is selling all of the players that they can, to make a dent in the debt. Just today Andrew Surman joined Wolves. David McGoldrick left for Nottingham Forest yesterday and keeper Kelvin Davies is on his way to West Ham. Surely Adam Llana and Marek Saganowski will be next.

The entire squad may be looking for a new team if the administrators cannot find a buyer. The situation is dire and the Pinacle groups withdrawal has left the club back at square one, racing against the clock.

As we have made very clear, we are working to a very short timeframe, but wish to reassure everybody with an interest in Southampton Football Club that we are working around the clock to try and ensure the survival of the club. - Administrator Mark Fry.

Lets hope that someone steps up and saves the club in time. For a whole town of fans to suffer over the relentless stupidity of one selfish and quite frankly crap businesman is just criminal.

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