Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thursday Backpasses: Treat it like a Friday

It seems that a lot of people with better jobs than mine have tomorrow off. As such, we will have a three day weekend. If big news comes up, we'll hit it; otherwise, we will gorging ourselves, as is the American way.

Here's something to chew on: Little Mikey Owen to Man U? [Premiership Talk]
Or should he go back to Pool? I find that highly unlikely [The Shankly Gate]
This goal is almost Ibrahimovic-like in its finishing. Shame about that [101GG]
Hmmmm. Not sure if I want. Bradley's extra call ups for the Gold Cup [SBI]

Horse-faced Ruud could be doing the reverse Benzema [Soccerway]
Gay goings on in Uganda. Ha ha. FUFA [The Independent]
Notts County trying to become "Formerly the Oldest Football League Club In The World" [Two Hundred Percent]
Final Nielsens for US-Brazil--about 4 million. [Soccer Insider]

If you love comedy dives, this is the video for you [The Offside]


Mike Georger said...

Owen doesn't deserve United or Liverpool at this point. He wasn't good enough for a relegation battle, I don't honestly think that SAF believes he would be much of an addition to that team.

Mike Georger said...

Forty minutes later I realized I just gave United and SAF credit and the benefit of the doubt. Ugh. But as it was established that I am in fact illiterate and get by on recognizing the Gersh Agency logo, I'm willing to write that off as gibberish which took the form of a mostly cognate sentence.

machine gooner funk said...

what do we have to do to rid ourselves of klejstan and conor casey or bob bradley for that matter? jesus tapdancing christ. beating spain was a tragic victory b/c it made this incompetent fucker bulletproof. tragic.

EbullientFatalist said...

And owen is having a medical at Old Trafford. Has a player ever suited up for 'Pool, Real, and United? (I'd include Toon, but why?)

King Garry I Of Swandanavia said...


Gabriel Heinze certainly didnt.