Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Eto'o Not So Impressed with Citeh's Money

Everything seemed in place for Citeh: a "monster" offer of £25m accepted by Barca for mercurial striker Samuel Eto'o, who only has one year left on his current contract and has worn out his welcome at the Camp Nou; a £250,000 a week proposed salary (£180,000 after taxes), which would make Eto'o the highest paid player in the Premier League; a team on the cusp of a £100m summer and about to put together a lineup that would seriously challenge the big four.

The only problem is that much like Kaka earlier in the year, Eto'o has no interest in being part of the latest greatest experiment in the Eastlands. Yes, it seems that Eto'o has turned down a move to Manchester City and is content to play out the rest of his contract with Barcelona (who, on the other hand, are not exactly thrilled). There would be something endearing about leaving all that money on the table, except that Eto'o is a Grade A headcase and who knows what his real motivations are.

Some in the British press are speculating (as they are wont to do) that Eto'o's real motivation is to punish Barcelona for pushing him out the door by, strangely, not leaving. Others are speculating that Eto'o is demanding even more money. Eto'o's agent has scheduled a news conference this morning, so maybe that'll clear things up (full disclosure: I wrote this last night!).

No matter, this story will probably drag out during the summer. I can't help but anticipate it'll all end in tears and a nasty split between Eto'o and Barca. Meanwhile, why don't you click here and get this theme song stuck in head for days to come.


Mike Georger said...

"Samuel Eto'o's agent has informed you his client has no intention of joining your club at any point in the near future"

epiblast said...

Citeh are nuts. They already have 387430 strikers, I guess their logic is "eh, what's another overpaid striker not scoring goals?"

Anonymous said...

How are City going to win with a team filled with players who play for the wages? Mercenaries are not the way to go. Unless they make the Champions League, and this is not a sure thing by any means, they will not attract world class players who want to play for anything but the cash. Good thing they got Bellamy to show them what a player like that looks like.

Teeknuts said...

Or you could click here and be scarred for life. Possibly NSFW, but not really.