Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wednesday Backpasses: Fletcher'd?

No foul. He got a touch on the ball, see? [Pies]
Odd article about Arsenal and Robin van Persie. Cult-like shenanigans [NotW]
This guy's a better bluffer than the guy who got in the Man U team photo [Dirty Tackle]
Because they did so awesome in the Confederations Cup, CONCACAF are allowing the US to carry 30 players for the Gold Cup. Everybody gets a medal! [SBI]

Colbert had a footie segment. 'Nuff said [ONTD_FB]


Foot said...

BTW, if you did not notice, Colbert also makes a fool of himself (deliberately?) in that segment also:

Mike Georger said...

"Aston Villa are ready to launch a bid of £3.5m plus midfielder Barry Bannan for Wigan defender Titus Bramble."

MON is unraveling for all the world to see.

Keith said...

Actually, that was erroneously reported. The Express has since scuppered their first report.

MON may have signed Marlon Harewood and Zat Knight, but he's not THAT stupid.

Mike Georger said...

I had such fucking hopes for that combination, too. Damn.

Eladio said...

Re: the van Persie article. I always wondered what players did with the jerseys they swap at the end of games. Now I know. That room is sweet. My only question -- he has an Almunia jersey there -- normal to swap with your own teammate?

Mike Georger said...

There's a great scene in the 'Steven Gerrard: My Story' documentary (that's right, I own it) where he shows his room where he keeps all of his trophies/medals/jerseys. The jersey collection was absolutely badass.

And has probably since been stolen.

(beat you guys to the punch)

Teeknuts said...

Holy god, look at those pants on RVP's WAG! Are they vinyl or denim?

Mike Georger said...

Oh shit I didn't realize Arsenal had their own Johnny Two Pump Evans!

WhiteSpeedReceiver said...

How could you not, Georger? Robin Van Persie is a rapist.

Oh, and it's 9:54am in St. Paul, and that's still a foul on Fletcher.

Mike Georger said...

I honestly never heard about that, even if he was cleared you would think that would calm the Arsenal fans making fun of Evans.

To my knowledge though no current Liverpool players have been jailed for rape, so I'm in the clear.