Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Beckham Book is Imminent!

After seeing the excerpt on, as well as reading the various stories picked up on the newswires, you'd know that Grant Wahl's book on Becks is coming out in less than two weeks, and having read it, I can tell you this: get ready for some catfights in Los Angeles when the preening midfielder gets back to town.

Wahl does a wonderful job in pulling back the curtain and exposing Mr. Beckham as the selfish, conniving milquetoast I've suspected him of being for quite some time. Oh, and that the LA Galaxy is the worst-run franchise in professional sports.

We'll be interviewing Mr. Wahl next week, but in the meantime, get acquainted with the excerpt and laugh at how Landon Donovan orders lamb on his pizza, as well as his wonderfully incendiary comments this morning about Beckypants' return.

Oh, those crazy Californians.


Robert said...

MLS? Poorly run? Noooo.

corky said...

Do you think Beckham will even know this book came out? Or, alternatively, do you think he even knows how to read?

The NY Kid said...

I just assumed that the book would be read to him by Cruz.

Anonymous said...

I didn't care at all about this book until I read the excerpt on Now I think I might give it a look.

Beckham doesn't need to know how to read - he can pay Landon Donovan to read it to him.