Monday, April 20, 2009

Comic Relief

Football is a miserable game designed to suck the life and hope from you with one blow of a dentists whistle. Don't mind me, I'm just stuck in football's equivalent of purgatory. Today finds Bigus staring into space, tortured by the possible future results and combinations of points coming over the next 14 days. Results in Barnsley and Plymouth that may ruin my life summer. I may actually cry. Has anyone ever been reliant on anyone from Blackpool before? Don't people get exiled to Coventry? No one comes from there to do you a favor right?

Anyway, this cheered me up a bit. After the jump a video of Villareal manager Manuel Pellegrini falling on his arse as his electronic, sensor triggered, automatic opening chair failed to do its thing at the Emirates.

Do they not have folding chairs in Spain?

Thanks to the TBG for this one.

I will now return to staring into space.


Keith said...

I think the footy gods have made it clear what you must do.

You must post the rest of Norwichomon before Norwich next play.

Bigus Dickus said...

Oh snap. Ok Keith. I'd forgotten. The 6 months of waiting for LB's installment wiped it from my memory. Ok. It shall be done.

jjf3 said...

Thanks, Keith. I was getting tired of being the only person non-UF'er bringing it up. And it does seem a very appropriate situation...

jjf3 said...

oh, wait, this wasn't a txt msg. Make it (non-UF'er).