Monday, April 20, 2009

Quick Throw: FA Cup Sour Grapes Edition

Fergie hates the Wembley pitch. It's even the reason why he selected a team full of pre-teens. [The Sun]

Wenger hates it too. [The Sun]

Fergie also thinks that Moyes' pre-match whispers about ref Mike Riley cost 'em that penalty [BBC Sport]

Even Rio Ferdinand thinks that because of United's brilliance, they miss out on obvious penalties all the time! [Guardian Sport]

Really, we know who's to blame for United's loss: that Timmy Howard lad. He did good, didn't he? [101 Great Goals]


phil said...

I'm still laughing at Boobatov's miss. And then there's this:

Darren Bent: 11 goals in 31 appearances

Dimitar Berbatov: 8 goals in 29 appearances.

amy said...

hooray timmy!!!! I can't tell which penalty was worse, Tim Cahill's or Berbatov's.