Friday, April 24, 2009

Didn't Think I Was Listening Did You? Well I wasn't...But My Sister Was.

Oh Friday fun. This is just great. So LBC Radio host James O'Brien is having a chin-wag on his show. Discussing the topical stories of the day. He decides to have a pop at Frank Lampard. You see, he'd read a story in the papers of how Franks ex and his daughters are living in a small flat while Lamps is living it up in his fancy 8.5 million pound town house, rolling around the night spots with his new bird. O'Brien decides to run with it, calling "men who let their children live in inferior circumstances, scum!"

Well, Frank's sister was listening and let me tell you, she was none too impressed. Soon after, Frank is on the phone to the radio station to give Mr O'Brien a piece of his mind.

The phone call. After the jump.

FL: Hallo.

SIS: Frankie babes, some dinlow on LBC been gibbering about how you are a bad dad n' that. Talkin about you dumping Elen and flaunting whatserface all over tahhhhhhhn while the kids live in a small flat.

FL: He's been saying what?

SIS: He called you scum Frank.

FL: Right, get his number naaaaaaaawwwww.


Totty at the desk: L.B.C How can I direct your call?

FL: It's Frank Lampard, some plum on the radio right now is calling me scum. Put him on.

TATD: Oh goodness, oh my, oh...Hold please.

Commercial about stair lifts playing...'Is it that time. Sick of falling down the stairs 19 times a week'... (Sorry, got carried away)

JO: Hello.

TATD: You ain't never gonna believe this James. Frank bleedin Lampard is on the blower and wants to talk to you.

JO: Oh Shit..F*#k...Guess you'd better put im on then.

Lampard continued to put O'Brien right...

"I have to wake up and listen to idiots like you say, I read this' and this is what he's doing' and it's wrong. I put up with it and keep my mouth shut. The only reason I rang you is because my sister is distressed and as I said, it's the anniversary of my mum's death. Do you think my sister needs to hear idiots like you saying that on the radio station?"

Good for you Frank! Didn't Mr O'Brien learn that you never believe what you read in the papers!

Full call now available HERE.


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Mike Georger said...

Wow, I absolutely love when athletes respond to shit like this. Just like when Carra went off after he retired from England.

Good for him! But I thought he'd sound fatter.