Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Backpasses: Another call for Norwichomon

As American fans, we should be buying Barry Ferguson drinks [NYT Goal]
Ever want to see a Duck's package? [The Spoiler]
Stevie G has enough green space at Anfield. He doesn't need any at home [Dirty Tackle]
Joey Barton won't pay for a train, will dress like Kanye [Off The Post]

Man U want a shit-ton of money for a shirt sponsor [Daily Mail]
English lawmakers weigh in on important matters [Guardian]
Juve get to play a game behind closed doors. Clifford Worley disagrees with their fans' take on black Italians [Soccernet]
Really, there's 4 parts to this? What do they think this is, Norwichomon? [The Offside]

Giselle probably did not win that million pounds betting on Mourinho [Dirty Tackle]

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