Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Robbo Keeping It Real.

A while ago I accused Man City's speedy Brazilian goal banger of being 'tight' and a 'penny pincher' after he lined up for 25 minutes to save some money in a department store. It seems that maybe I was wrong and Robinho is UNLIKE every other superstar footballer. Intrigued?

How refreshing... Robinho takes the bus. THE BUS.

But not only does he take the bus, he takes his bird on the bus. The Daily Mail reports that the Brazilian has been on regular shopping trips with his missus to the Trafford center in Manchester by public transport. How down to earth, how... incredibly normal.

In a world of fancy cars, chauffeurs, expensive clothes and overpriced luxuries, a story that focuses on the highest-paid footballer in England being fiscally responsible. Lets hope that 'keeping it real' becomes a trend in the football world.

I can see it now...Ronaldo shopping at H&M. Defoe riding a bike to training in Sketchers. Lampard strap-hanging on the Circle line home, Bellamy driving a Ford Fiesta for a meal at TGI Friday's. Somehow I think that Robinho will be alone with his real world sensibilities.

Robinho, here at UF we take our hats off to you sir. Robinho ladies and gentlemen... keeping it real.

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ΓΌ75 said...

This story made me smile. Good on him.