Friday, November 21, 2008

Laaaandon Calling To The Faraway Towns...

You remember last week I told you about 20-year-old winger Ishmel Demontagnac getting the boot from Walsall? Well someone was going to take a chance on the trouble-making youngster and it's no surprise who.

Neil Warnock at Palace is giving the 'demon of Walsall' (catchy eh?) a trial. No player better than a free player, eh Neil? Besides, Warnock is the cockiest man in football and he has a sharp tongue to boot. He probably thinks that if anyone can keep a player in-check, it's him.

But can Demontagnac be tamed? He has an awful disciplinary record on AND off the pitch. Is Laaandon the best place for someone who finds trouble, well, easy to find?

Palace assistant Mick Jones thinks so... "If anything happens during the trial that we don't like it will be finished immediately." He went on to say "the shareef don't like it... Rock the casbah"... ok, I made that last bit up. Wrong Mick Jones apparently.

The lad is obviously going to behave himself NOW that he has a chance to move up a league isn't he? In fact, it seems Demontagnac has benefited greatly from being fired. Better football and higher wages.

Let's hope Palace haven't set a dangerous precedent here.


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Keith said...

Ishmel sure has a lot of Career opportunities, but as long as he doesn't set off any more Spanish Bombs, then he should probably stay, and not go, at Palace