Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday Backpasses: It's my birthday, so go vote

Thanks to all who flooded the mailbox over at We have been nominated, so go vote for us. Just don't be an asskiss and pick the USWNT blog. [US Soccer Blog]

Just to show we cover US soccer--Neven Subotic, who played in the US youth set up, is reported to have chosen to play for Serbia as a Senior international. It has not been confirmed as of yet. [SBI]
Oh, and if you are in a voting mood, go vote for MLS goal of the year. I say it is Cepero, but as long as it is not Blanco, I'm happy [MLS Net]

Now I'm just going all out. US U-17 women defeated in World Cup final. Their goal had a certain Delap-ness about it [NZ Herald]
Capello and Rafa go head to head over Gerrard's fitness. Considering Robbie Keane bowed out as well for Ireland, does Capello have a point? [Soccernet]
Top Chinese channel says they will no longer show Super League matches because the product is tainted (perhaps with Melamine) [BBC]

And, finally:
Catania has an interesting new way to take free kicks [Comcast]
You can see video here. Unfortunately(?), the behind-the-goal footage only shows the one player too scared to take part. [101 Great Goals]


Amanda said...

Um, the Subotic thing hasn't been confirmed because it's not true. See here:

Also, Cepero's goal was the flukiest thing that ever fluked. Rogers or Johnson all the way.

Mike Georger said...

robbie reported and got sent back for treatment on his shoulder

stevie showed up and the doctors for england found out he wasnt lying.

fuck them though, friendlies are meaningless and given the recent trackrecord of losing players there is no fucking way either of them should be thinking of playing