Thursday, November 20, 2008

This Is Too Good Not To Share

Ah, sometimes the Internet Gods are so good to us, we wonder what we've done to deserve it. Today perhaps it was our opting not to put up a post with the title "De La Dead Is More Like It... Am I Right?" Anyway, here's some outtake goodness pilfered from the folks over at Davie Brown Entertainment (and I guess Gillette).

We're not sure what's more awesome about this: the fact that Tiger Woods can't be bothered to work with Federer and Henry (okay, probably just scheduling, but still...), that Henry needs to be told to smile when shaving or that, holy shit, it also stars Charlie in full Green Man get up.

Anyway, anyone who has ever worked in production can probably confirm that commercial shoots are indeed as boring, awkward and soul-sucking as they appear in this footage.

Tip of the hat goes to friend of UF, Adam (and to the little utility that let me rip the embedded video from the DBE site).


Bigus Dickus said...

Boring as hell PR..People clap when the tea shows up.

Mike Georger said...

you think thats boring try doing radio advertising

i feel bad for de la red because hes starting next to mascherano for munich in my fifa dynasty. i want to bump him for flamini but now ill feel like a dick if i sell him.

Precious Roy said...

I'm sure you'd like it more if it were Antoine Sibierski instead of Thierry Henry?

Of course it's boring. It's a fucking commercial shoot.