Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Backpasses: Alexi has a pretty decent sense of humo(u)r

More MLS big-name talent goes out on loan [Soccer365]
Ronaldo apparently didn't appreciate the Brazilians drubbing his side, so like any good captain he tried to break an opponent's leg [Soccernet]
Some interesting stats from MLS's lowest pay grade [The Best Eleven]

And, finally:
A video two-fer from The Offside Rules
A viral video featuring Steven Gerrard [TOR]
Alexi Lalas in training to pay up on a bet [TOR]


Adam said...

Wow, those pay stats are insane, I made more money last year working part time retail than Nick LaBrocca did playing in 30 MLS games. Thats dedication. They should stop trying to bring the Beckham's of the world over and start giving their lower tier at least $25 k a year.

Goat said...

Hey all,
I'm in Philadelphia this weekend and was wondering if anyone knew of any soccer bars within walking distance of Broad and Market (I'll be carrying a 22 month old on my shoulders and don't want to walk too far). Thanks in advance for any advice.
Your pal,

JT said...

Goat, I honestly don't, although there are a couple of options:

- Dark Horse Pub (on South 2nd Street between Lombard and Pine)
- The Blarney South (South Street between 4th and 3rd st)

Those are the only ones I can think of. There are a few on South Street dotted around.... hope this helps!

Goat said...

JT, much obliged. I ended up going to Fado as those others seemed to be farther away than my out of shape ass can handle. But I would have been better off sitting in my hotel room with my thumb up my ass than watching that shit from Arsenal. To make matters worse, the local ABC affiliate is showing LaSalle-GW rather than the promised Ohio State Michigan and no one answered when I called to voice my drunken displeasure. On the plus side, I did see some dude at the bar with two young kids (maybe 5 and 8) who was attempting to talk to them about soccer. He was watching the Liverpool-Fulham game and when he said down with his kids said something like "look at these guys, they're superprofessionals. Just look at how long they can throw the ball in." He then proceeded to talk about the red team, berate his 5 year old over spilled milk (literally) and promise that he'd show them a slide tackle if and when one occurred. I wanted to punch him in the face.