Thursday, November 20, 2008

Landon On Loan

Which is less surprising? That Landon Donovan is going to join Bayern Munich for a couple of months (and possibly until the end of the Bundesliga season) or that the people at ESPN can't fucking spell?

I'm not sure who this Donavan character is. But let's wish him well in Germany anyway.

Okay, okay. Glass houses. I'm sure we've made plenty of spelling and grammatical errors, but we're not the self-proclaimed "World Wide Leader" of anything. We're just a few guys who blog for fun... oh, and for the chicks.

Anyway, Landycakes now officially goes on loan to Bayern Munich starting Jan 1 and running through at least the middle of March (when ostensibly he would have to return to the Galaxy). Said manager Jürgen Kilnsmann: "The goal will be to see if we can get him long term, at least until the end of the season."

Wow, Klinsy and I have similar views on what constitutes "long term." He's as big a commitment-phobe as I am. Anyway, if the loan gets extended to season's end someone will be getting more preferential treatment than Goldenballs. We wish Donovan all the best. He's American and we like Americans. Even the ones who might have wussed out on previous occasions.


Bigus Dickus said...

Everyone knows you only spell good players names right. Who wants to bet me that his name doesn't appear on a match day starting line-up sheet.

Precious Roy said...

"A match day"? Just one? Or all of them?

He will probably be left off the squad for some matches but will make others. "Donavan" will be impacted pretty heavily by what other moves Munich makes this winter.

Bigus Dickus said...

Bottom line Roy. I don't think he is good enough to make any starting line-up. All of them yes. All league games anyway. I am sure they may run him out in a cup competition to lesser opponents.

Keith said...

Roy- who would you pick?

Donovan or Altintop, Ribery (once he gets healthy again), Ze Roberto, Batian, Sosa, or van Bommel?

or Donovan or Podolski, Klose or Toni?

There's no spot for him. Even with Francky Scarface out.

Andrew said...

I'm terribly vexed by Klinsy's demand for Landycakes. As Keith pointed out, where does he go? He has no home in Bayern.

Andrew said...

The article was boilerplate until this little nugget:

"What he has shown so far is okay, he can certainly kick."

I don't find this a glowing endorsement of Landy's skills. This could be used to describe a League 1 player.

Mike Georger said...

kroos at 18 > donovan at any point in his career

also folk troubadour donovan > this donovan

Precious Roy said...

Wow, I'm being targeted as a Landycakes apologist when all I really wanted to do was show that ESPN can't spellcheck.

Yeah, Munich are already overstocked up top, but A) Klinsy loves him so I think he'll get him on the pitch B) I'm convinced some people are going to be moved out of Munich.

In reality, I give far less of a shit about this than I do about Jozy cracking the already overcrowded front line at Villarreal.

Ian said...

What's wrong Landy being the first man off the bench? Surely over the course of a long season he is going to get games. And I think there is going to be a bit of a clear out in Munich during the transfer window, anyways.

cjdomer04 said...

I really want to hear him speak German. Will it be as bad as Landy-Spanish?