Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Welcome to Brookside, Robbie

I'm saddened by what's going on in my hometown, but it appears we'll never shed our stereotype of being droll, perm-wearing thieves. The news this morning is that Everton fans have added another scalp to their lucrative LFC burglary scheme, adding new Red Robbie Keane to their list.

While he was on international duty with the Republic of Ireland, thieves managed to crack into his downtown penthouse apartment and escape with an expensive watch, some jewelery, and a smug sense of satisfaction.

Blue bastards.

But seriously, was the doorman asleep? Did the robbers give him a comfortable chair to relax in while finishing his shift?

Whatever happened, it's now the 7th (7th?) LFC player to be robbed while playing away from home. No wonder we play like shit away from Anfield: too much worrying about whether their BMWs are going to be there when they get back!

In the spirit of the stereotype, I might as well post this video. Then it's back to Chelsea jokes.


The NY Kid said...

Why the picture of the Hirshey family reunion?

Stickapinin said...

They should employ Big Dunc as a security guard, he knew how to handle robbers.