Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wednesday Backpasses: Wow. Just wow.

Like most of my brethren here, I am stunned at England's result today. Should put an end to the behind-the-scenes hand-wringing, at least. Good on Scotland as well for not folding despite Broadfoot starting (and, yes, scoring).

The reason Scotland won--their suits [The Herald]
Robinho is a tagger [Reuters]
Adebayor has gone around the bend [The Sun]
Serbian Slobodan Rajkovic banned for a year by FIFA for spitting at ref in Olympics. Probably thankful he doesn't have to play for McClaren now [Soccer 365]

And, finally:
The real reason England won--not playing at Wembley. Seems Capello thinks they are too delicate for the pressure of playing in front of home fans [BBC]

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Mike Georger said...

ill give espn some credit, there were three WC qualifying highlights in the top ten plays for yesterday.

however i rip away said credit for burying the USA highlights until the last item on sportscenter