Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wednesday Open Thread

We have plenty going on today at UF, don't worry. But rather than go from thread to thread to talk about England's failures or France's, well, failures, we want to put them all in one place. Here it is. Use the comments to enrich your own lives.

Selected Matches (all time EDT; I may have done the maths wrong)
Croatia-England (3pm)
USA-T&T (8pm)
Iceland-Scotland (2.30pm)
Russia-Wales (11am)
N Ireland-Czech Rep (2.45pm)
Montenegro-Ireland (2.50 1pm)
Portugal-Denmark (3.45pm)
Turkey-Belgium (4pm)
France-Serbia (3pm)
Uzbekistan-Australia (11.30am; FSC later)
Brazil-Bolivia (8.50 pm)
Peru-Argentina (10.30 pm)
Mexico-Canada (9pm)


ü75 said...

DPRK (North Korea to you and me) go up 1-0 in the last ten minutes on a PK over their Southern neighbors. There are about 200 people there to celebrate it.

ü75 said...

Oceania full times

Vanuatu 2-1 Fiji
New Zealand 3-0 New Caledonia

ü75 said...


There are about 20 minutes left in Pyongyang, and South Korea just tied it up.

ü75 said...

penalty for Wales in the 16th minute.

And Bale is saved by Akinfeev. Ouch.

ü75 said...

Penalty for Russia now. This one a little more suspect.

Pavs finesses it in. 1-0 Russia. 22nd minute.

J said...

Does anyone know where one could watch the England-Croatia match?

ü75 said...

Bale's nice run sets up a goal. Wales playing strong at 1-1.

As for the question, my friend justin has a .tv. Google him.

J said...

Justin is very kind. Thanks for the info.

ü75 said...

Wales blow it late on a failed clearance after a fine save.

2-1 FT to Russia

ü75 said...

Ireland just kicking off in Montenegro. Now, because of Bones, all I think of when I hear Montenegro is that actress.

JT said...

Rep. of Ireland 0, Montenegro 0 in the epitome of dull.

Finland 2, Germany 2 at half time.

Pletikosa, Simunic, Robert Kovac, Corluka, Pranjic, Rakitic, Petric, Nico Kovac, Srna, Modric, Olic.

Subs: Runje, Krizanac, Mandzukic, Pokrivac, Knezevic, Leko, Klasnic.

James, Brown, Terry, Ferdinand, Ashley Cole, Walcott, Lampard, Barry, Joe Cole, Rooney, Heskey.

Subs: Robinson, Johnson, Beckham, Downing, Defoe, Upson, Jenas.

ü75 said...

Hey, look at that. Scotland fucking scored.

Andrew said...

anything other than JTV that can show the Eng-Cro game, u75?

Lingering Bursitis said...

Bugger me, I've gone and started another thread (something about me being too lazy to scroll down)...

No clue what to use other than Justin's TV. Perhaps a pub?