Sunday, September 7, 2008

Cher Philippe Mexes: Va Te Faire

These two have a lot in common.

World Cup 2010. South Africa. All of us here at UF would love to attend some matches there, particularly if we were able to root on our favorite team. For qualifying matches, France was placed in Group 7, receiving a relatively favorable draw. Their opponents within the group include Serbia, Lithuania, Faroe Islands, Romania, and Austria. Their first qualifying match was yesterday, against the latter, a team so poor that its own fans petitioned to have it drop out of Euro 2008 for fear of embarassment. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, I suppose we could always lose 3-1 to a shitty team to start our WC 2010 qualifying push. We could give up a cheap goal (thanks, Philippe!) just 9 minutes into the match, and then give up another one right before half-time. When we pull back within a goal (thank you, Sidney. Really), we can then give up a PK just 10 minutes (thanks again, Philippe!). Want to see how it all happened? Check out this fantastic video.

In a stunning turn of events, Mexes actually acknowledged that he played like shite and was responsible for the loss. In a not-so-surprising turn of events, Domenech acted like nothing was wrong. It is generally believed that Raymond was given a minimum number of points to be achieved from the first 3 qualifying matches, and it is likely that the total was 5 points. So, I'm torn - engage in "fan-tanking" and root for another loss (or for 2 ties, or for a win and tie) in the next 2 matches and hope that leads to Domenech being fired, or hope we become a little more successful in qualifying matches and deal with Raymond for 2 more years.

I can't bring myself to root against Les Bleus, so I have to hope that Domenech pulls his head out of his ass and starts to actually manage this team. A good start would be to FUCKING PLAY GAEL CLICHY!

I hate you Domenech, and Mexes, you're now on the watch list.


Andrew said...

Maginot Line > France's defense

Mike Georger said...

god i hate france, couldnt have been more awesome

anyone see this little gem in the bilic articles today?
"Sometimes I lie in the bed with my players,' he revealed. 'I go to the room of (Vedran) Corluka and (Luka) Modric when I see they have a problem and I lie in bed with them and we talk for 10 minutes."

he really seems to care, about what, i dont know

Phil said...

I doubt Modric and Corluka can expect the same intimacy level from Juande. Then again, if that's what will get Modric scoring goals, maybe he should give it a try.

Andrew said...

Only 10 minute "talks?" Bilic must have a problem.

Keith said...

can't you see Slaven is trying to instruct his players on the power of pace?

Mike Georger said...

"Only 10 minute "talks?" Bilic must have a problem."

yeah hes spending at least two minutes too many in bed. eight minutes tops, ive got shit to do.

Andrew said...

Bilic has shit to do as well. Like figuring out a way to beat England.

Wait, what was that?