Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tuesday Backpasses: Now with Video

A touching moment at the US Open Cup final [kenn.com]
Fabian Espindola, whom you undoubtedly do not know, has a severe ankle sprain. Which is better than a broken leg, which is what was first feared for him. How did he do it? Celebrating a goal that did not even count. Video below (45 second mark) [The Sports Network]

Thankfully, no video here. Volunteer coach for girls' soccer team arrested on child porn charges [Duluth News Tribune]
Keeper who blackmailed an EPL player over sex tape sent to jail [The Sun]

Somewhat of a hot topic around here. How to fix the England team [Kornheiser's Cartel]
Gazza's son hates the game. Presumably because he has seen what it did to his dad [Sunday Sun]
Bild two-fer
Frings is the new Zorro [Bild]
Kahn is rumored to be replacing Klinnsy for Bayern [Bild]
Writer takes the idea of MLS being big-time to task [Dwight Jaynes]
Preston North End want Becks to buy them. With early career pics [Daily Mail]

And, finally:
Berbs blew all his money on shoes. He cannot afforn your Big Issue, man [Daily Mail]


Adam said...

To use the term Arseblogger coined earlier this week: I HATE THE INTERLULL, its so damn boring.

But I still love UF, I just wish there was some real football to talk about.

ü75 said...

Plenty of football on for today. As long as you aren't strictly a club guy.

Keith said...

The look on Espindola's face after the flip is priceless.