Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Should Have Just Told Him To Stay Away From The Merseyside

Roman Pavlyuchenko was one of Spurs many big money signings this offseason. Although, he was second-choice after Andrei Arshavin. The last second 14 million pound Russian striker hasn't made his White Hart Lane debut yet, but at least his former teammates have warned him of the dangers of North London. Former Spurs Russian target man filled Roman in on all the nitty gritty details, or so says The Sun:

Rebrov, an £11million flop in 2000, warned new boy Pavlyuchenko: “A lot of dark-skinned people live there so naturally the crime rate is higher than elsewhere.

“It’s not nice to be a robbery victim so I suggest he doesn’t walk but drives around there.”

Given the events involving Robbie Keane this past weekend, Rebrov should have told Pavlyuchenko to watch out for permed Scousers.
I much prefer stereotypes based on repeated events like Scousers robbing their football players rather than baseless stereotypes based on skin color. Except for those dirty thieving purpleskins.


Tuffy said...

This is why I don't slow down outside George Hamilton's house. Or leave my own.

Phil said...

This should easily cement Rebrov as the worst Spurs signing ever. What an asshat.

The Likely Lad said...

rebrov cost me the league title with a missed pk in fifa '02, in '02. i was about over it, until now. he should keep his mouth shut and get back to his day job with the cossacks.