Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Imperialist Swine Inept Against Representatives for Workers Paradise

Or something like that. But according to Cuba, the USMNT were failures in their World Cup qualifier against the island nation and only Mother Nature could even muster a threat to the team. Of course according to Cuba it's also 2007.

The pic above is a screenshot in case Pravda The Cuban News Agency gets hip to what year we're in. Or maybe in their version of history, there is a Year Zero, so it really is 2007. Hey, close enough for government work.

At least you know not to trust state run propaganda.

The game started with Cuba attacking and a nervous US team didn’t seem to find its way of playing. The first actions were on Cuba’s behalf when at the second minute Carlos Francisco hit a ball coming from a corner kick over the goal. Cuba didn’t seem to be worried and was playing in an easy and confident way.

Anyway, conspicuously absent from the article is the final score. Obviously, Cuba is not threatened by losses.

Ike Threatens Cuba [www.cubanews.ain.cu]


Eladio said...

You're scouring the government sanctioned Cuban news agency site? What, it's not enough for the feds to be bugging your phone calls, now you want them to see all the porn you're downloading too?

Precious Roy said...

I'm sure they want to see all the porn I'm downloading, too.