Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday Backpasses: Is Pavs scared of his teammates?

Spurs new boy Pavlyuchenko has a long way to go before he fits in [Daily Mail]
Daniele De Rossi, infamous stateside for bloodying McBride, dedicated Italy's win over Georgia to his slain father-in-law [Soccernet]
If the story is true, then Keane is wrong. I'd still back him over Warner, though [Soccer 365]
EPL has turned into a Billionaire's playground [ABC News Australia]

Weird stuff involving Zanzibar, T-shirts and Germany. Is there really that much of a call for those shirts? [The Citizen]
Head of Chinese Football forced to resign for being useless [China Daily]
A charitable Saturday morning friendly league in Scotland is in danger because SFA will not do the same thing it has done for past 15 years [BBC]

And, finally:
Joe Thornton is a big boy. Heavy, too


Mike Georger said...

re: the keane article

im not likely to believe a source that repeats a paragraph to start the article

that guy seems like a douchebag if hes the one im thinking of, hes the one that threatened to keep england from getting .... something or other

ü75 said...

He is. He's one of those entrenched powerful FIFA types who keep Blatter up top.

As for the article itself, it's the same on many sites. This is just the first one I came across.

Kopper said...

Your dislike of Warner is "hereby noted."

Phil said...

If Pavlyohwhatsit finds the back of the net a few times, I'm sure he'll fit in just fine at N17.

Phil said...

You know, Warner might the the last person on the planet to find out, if he's just now discovered that Roy Kenae has a "mean streak to [his] character."

Mike Georger said...

so im pretty sure sven g.e. was driving the bus i just came in on. i guess the mexican federation pays like shit.