Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Open Thread

Gee, I wonder what the focus will be here? Chelsea host Manchester United today at 9.00 EDT, but that's not the only match on. It's most likely the one you care about, but humor me anyway.

Schedule and gratuitous WAG photos after the jump.

All times EDT. Because I care about me, not you.

7.00 West Brom-Aston Villa
9.00 Chelsea-Manchester United
10.00 Hull City-Everton
10.00 Manchester City-Portsmouth
10.00 Tottenham-Wigan
7.00 Chester-Shrewsbury (Halsey Alert)
10.00 Rangers-Motherwell
11.00 Kilmarnock-Celtic
11.00 St Etienne-PSG
6.30 Feyenoord-Ajax (Guess the Dutch don't go churchin' on Sunday mornings)

WAG off!
In for Chelsea, Cheryl Cole

In for Manchester United, Coleen Rooney

Thanks to Kickette for the photos


The NY Kid said...

Funny. When I saw those pictures I immediately thought about waggin' off.

Goat said...

Anyone know what happened to Deco?

The NY Kid said...

Deco and Carvalho got injured in warm-ups. Perhaps Fat Frank sat on them.

Goat said...

I wouldn't mind if Fat Frank systematically sat on everyone on both of these teams.

Phil said...

BAE can't even keep with Emile fucking Heskey. Why, oh, why does Ramos put he and Zokora at the back. Plodding, inept backs. Och.

Goat said...

SAF needs a less form-fitting shirt.

Goat said...

Not sure what Rio was doing on that goal. He gave someone a shove in the back and the ball went right over him to Kalou for the free header.

ü75 said...

I think Rio forgot to take his happy pills. That, and his "do a good job" pills.

Goat said...

Curiously, all the folks in the Bass Pale Ale Pub after the game went on and on about what a great game Rio had (mostly because he got forward and put a shot he should have scored on right to Cech). Wankers.