Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Now They Really Need A Kit Sponsor

Sheffield United has won its case before an independent tribunal against West Ham for the Tevez Affair in 2006-07 for the damages resulting from West Ham's intransgressions which may reach 30 million pounds. As you may recall, West Ham signed Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano right before the season, but violated FA rules by failing to disclose that the contract rights of the two players were held by a third party, Media Sports Investment (MSI).

Ultimately, Tevez fired West Ham out of the relegation zone on the final day against Manchester United. Tevez's winner relegated Sheffield United to the Colaship and caused them to lose out on the EPL (suck it, Barclay's) funds.

Sheffield lost its appeal to the FA seeking docking of points for West Ham's misdeed. The Hammers only suffered a fine of 5.5 million pounds to the chagrin of the Blades.

If the British court system is anything like the US court system, and it should be since we based ours on our cousins' over the pond, this will not be the final word. Endless appeals and motions will ensue, but at least Sheffield United has the upper hand at this point. West Ham better find a shirt sponsor soon so they can afford to pay this debt, either that or start selling players.


Keith said...

Villa will gladly take Dean Ashton off of their hands in January for Carew injury insurance

Anonymous said...

Dean Ashton as 'injury insurance' in January?

Methinks it's more likely to be something like, 'Dean Ashton is sure to be injured in January'.

Mike Georger said...

who do they sue for making them finish ninth in the championship last year?