Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Backpasses: If we didn't give you rumors, where would you get them?

Totally unsourced, but worth a look. Juande Ramos to fall if Spurs lose to Newcastle in Carling Cup [White Hart Pain]
Sunday league player banned for life for knocking out ref. Where's the RESPECT? [The Star]
One of C. Ronaldo's ladies on the side is a hooker [With Leather]

Is Amr Zaki a surprise to you? He shouldn't be [Kornheiser's Cartel]
Dean Windass wants to be a ref. Heh heh. Windass [Daily Mail]
Wow. I thought the toilet-papered corner kicks were tough [101 Great Goals]

And, finally:
Dutch womens' team takes field in skorts and tight shirts. Blatter reportedly loves it. Since we love you, there's a video [Times of Malta]


Mike Georger said...

blatter is an idiot, but i still say that would make the sport more popular. and unlike the wnba there arent a whole bunch of six foot ten she beats running around out there so it may actually be appealing. plus its not like theres any credibility left in womens sports anyways

The NY Kid said...

Bah, they're wearing boxers underneath there.

And I've had Zaki on my team since the first game of the season. Which is why I'm...8th?