Monday, September 22, 2008

Cheap Bastards...

                                                      Egg and Spoon winner David Di Michele

West Ham took to the field last Saturday to take on Newcastle in Zola's first game in charge...A proud moment and the start of a new era. Why then did they replace bust sponsor XL's logo with a white patch featuring the players squad number. Someone at West Ham had the needle and thread out late on Friday night.  It looked as if Zola had sent his new team out to take part in a schools sports day. Surely the Spammers could afford to replace the XL shirts with some new blank ones. Or maybe they could have featured the name of a local charity or business? Either way what they did looked tat. This is a Premier League team playing on TV to people all over the World!

So who could the East Londoners put on their shirts until a new sponsor is found? Maybe Craig Bellamy's shirt could feature the local Police badge. Etherington's could advertise for the nearest bookies. Faubert's could give a shout out to the local hospital and Zola's tracksuit could whore for the local stables..Lame I know..You have better I am sure...Take it away below..



Eladio said...

When they played last week, their kits were blank on the front, but they were clearly the same ones they had before and someone had heated up the jerseys to take the XL logo off the front. They looked extremely piss poor, as it was obvious the logo was removed as cheaply as possible. I assumed they did it that way because they were unable to get new jerseys without the logo quick enough for the entire team. But now it seems that they are acting as cheap as ever, and since they realized how lame they looked last week, this week decided to put something over top. Just pay for new freakin' unis!

Personally I'd love to see the Green Street Elite on the front.

Mike Georger said...

just put dick face frodo on their. fuck west ham.

Chad said...

I'm in favor of "We're Sorry for Everything" -- The Management

Latest rumour is they're looking to sell Bellamy and Ashton if the right offer comes along in January. Apparently West Ham is trying a new experiment, to see how fast you can sell off all your proven quality players. I may never forgive the friends who took me to Upton Park and made me a West Ham fan.

Adam said...

They looked so tacky, at least the numbers could have looked a little better if they were going to do it that way. But honestly, how much would it have cost if they called umbro and said we need you to make 30 shirts for us with no sponsor? 300 pounds? Or like you said, get someone local to pony up for the shirts and throw their logo on the front.

I feel for all the midtable squads(not sp*rs though), their ownership is in it to make as much money as possible and sell players left and right, and then they don't understand why the fans stop showing up and they end up relegated.

Andrew said...

What about one of the local fried chicken shops all over London? Y'know, the one's called KFC, except KFC doesn't stand for Kentucky Fried Chicken.