Monday, September 22, 2008

A Goal Named Casper Update: With New Video

Bigus is our Coca-Cola Championship expert, so I hope I'm not treading on his toes with this post, but Saturday's match between Reading and Watford was a doozy. The teams fought to a 2-2 draw, but Reading did not deserve the result, as you will see in this video:

Did you see it? Nope. I didn't either nor did anybody else save for one lonely linesman and a gullible ref who believed him.

Stuart Attwell was the youngest and most promising ref in England. I say "was" because the responsibility for this costly error will fall on his shoulders. Attwell had awarded a goal kick until his linesman notified him that ball had cross the goal line. Of course it had not. In fact, it was not even between the sticks on the part of the play where the goal was awarded.

In the ensuing mayhem, Watford manager Aidy Boothroyd was sent off. I'm sure this week's Ed Hochuli will get his own sendoff, probably down to League Two with Mark Halsey or lower.

Never has there been a more appropriate for this song at Vicarage Road:

"Three blind refs,
Three blind refs,
See how they run!
See how they run!

Their whistles are stuck,
And their eyes are closed!
What they call, nobody knows!

Three blind refs,
Three blind refs..."


Eladio said...

That link doesn't work, but this one does:

Bigus Dickus said...

This game could go to a replay. As for the lino? He should never work again. There are enough bad decisions (last Wed v qpr) by refs as it is without phantom goals.

Each manager should have a flag like in the N.F.L

Goat said...

I read about this yesterday but now that I see it, it makes even less sense. If the ball had crossed the goal line, why would the Reading player (not sure who) try to save it off the line and sent it back into the middle of the goal mouth? Apparently Tim Donaghy has taken up a new line of work.

Mike Georger said...

you guys need to learn to RESPECT these officals, he should not be questioned

Mike Georger said...

oh my god

"A consortium of wealthy Nigerians are planning to take over Newcastle United"

as soon as ashley sends them a thousand bucks to get the funds unlocked the sale can go through!

Goat said...

The league doesn't have such a good track record with Black managers--I wonder how a Black ownership group will be received.