Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Monday Was Becks Manning Day

If you needed any more proof that David Beckham would endorse anything and everything under sun, look no further.

Well, it's not exactly accurate. Deadspin was presented by Beck's, the beer not the walking billboard, but Bigus provided this nice little mock up.

Fear not loyal readers, since Lingering Bursitis is away on vacation, we are free to write about Beckham without fear of reprisal.

Yesterday marked the revealing of the 2009 Beckham calendar. Wonderful. Just what a I need Beckham 365. We should send one to LB for his birthday.

That's his Colt Magnum look.


More to be found at Kickette.


Keith said...

But which months are Blue Steel and Le Tigre?

Kopper said...

I don't watch much non-Huckerby MLS, but does Beckham actually stand out above other players anymore? How much better is he than the other top midfielders in that league? Shouldn't he just hang them up and do the full time modelling gig? That's what it seems he works hardest on anyways.

Goat said...

Actually, it looks like he's found new work as a chimney sweep.

The Fan's Attic said...

I don't watch the MLS much, but I have seen Beckham play a number of times this season. He is one of the better players in the league. His physical ability is waning in the sense that he's not as fast (not that he was ever fast) as he used to be, but he is certainly one of the more intelligent players in the league. He knows his footie and knows where people should be and can get them the ball.

He has 5 goals and 9 assists (4th in league). But, when he plays he draws a lot of attention and helps his team out with his distribution. Problem is so many of his teammates cannot control the balls he plays.

So, I would say he stands out above the vast majority of the players, but is not the best player in the league.

Goat said...

Schelotto is far and away the best midfielder in the league. He's got 6 goals (although 4 are from the spot) and leads the league with 18 assists. The Crew have done well without him for the past two games but they're much better with him. Although he's 35 (I think) he's still got great vision and passing accuracy. He's a clear MVP favorite despite not making the All-Star team and not using up a DP slot (and DP money) like Becks.