Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Good, The Bad, The WTF

Reaching down into the Colaship this week. Nottingham Forest are a long ways away from their heights of European successes as the '70s became the '80s. Brian Clough was the architect, manager, and psychologist of that team. Clough left the team in 1993, after they were confirmed relegation from the first season of the EPL, going down for the first time in 16 years.

Forest immediately returned to the top flight, and finished third the next season, granting them entry into the UEFA Cup. This was doubly important given that this was the first season the English clubs returned to European competition following Heysel. When faced with such a meaningful re-entry, one has to make a splash. This week, we see what Forest came up with.

Wait, we've seen this shirt before, haven't we? Yes, and no. We have definitely seen the rough template before (and I am on record of how I feel about teams sharing the same fucked-up looks), but this is different. Umbro, when throwing paint splecks on jerseys one day, decided to attempt to work in the club badge into the mess. While you can barely see it on the Aberdeen shirt (on the shoulders, rotated 90 degrees), it's obvious on the Forest shirts.

Perhaps it's because they never felt the need to delete the Forest text taken from the badge. All I know is, The placement of the shirt sponsor could have been a little better. If you are going to put your name one the pattern of the shirt, you should probably ensure that the sponsor does not cover up a couple of letters of your name. That's the kind of thing that riles the supporters.

Anyway, my main feelings about this shirt hold over from the Aberdeen one linked to above. If I were a Forest fan, I would seriously consider getting this as a laugh, but would immediately regret doing so. That collar just has to feel awful on your neck.

Oh, and this shirt is for sale, too. For $14 after shipping, you can get it delivered straight to your doorstep, and marvel at just how much brighter the yellow is in person than it is in pictures. Happens to me every time. Even if you are nor interested, do hit the links for some good in-game photos of this shirt in action. Look at that collar. Ugh.

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